Using crushed corn cobs for chicken house bedding?

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  1. I use the 1.5 cubic feet bags of crushed corn cobs for my rabbits and mice, would this work for the flooring in a chicken house . . .its $4 a bag, and really covers a big area. I also seem to be really good at getting no answers to my questions, so it won't hurt my feelings if no one responds. . .[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If you search on here for pelleted bedding, you'll find lots of info.! I think it would be fine, but it's just not nice & soft...I like my chickens to have soft bedding, personally. I sometimes don't get answers, either, you just have to hang in there for awhile sometimes! [​IMG]
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    I can answer this from personal experience. Birds should not have corn cob bedding. Corn cob bedding gets wet and can grow a fungus that causes a disease called aspergillosis. This is really deadly to birds.

    Now I have to say that I don't know what its effects on chickens would be but I can tell you that people lose parrots to this every single day. Its a very devastating disease.

    I've been told my several veterinarians that NO bird should ever have corn cob bedding used near them.

    That being said, aspergillosis can be found in all kinds of environments but for some reason corn cob bedding seems to be the worse offender.

    I'm knowledgable about this because I have here in my home 2 parrots that almost lost their lives from aspergillosis. Neither of these were my birds but birds that we given to me after they got this devastating disease. It took lengthy treatments, costly medication to get these two back to health.

    I know that some will say "they're only chickens" but aspergillosis is a horrible way to die. Please find another suitable bedding.

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  4. Quote:Thanks!! That really answered my question. I had a feeling about it anyway, as I notice it molds really quickly in the bottom of the rabbits cage, but the mice really seem to like it. They burrow in it and play with the little pieces . . .been using it with them for about 2 months and no problems.
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    Quote:I get a *12* cubic foot bale of Western Hay Company's large-flake pine shavings from a feed mill for $6.25, and they're 1,000% better than the 5.5 cubic foot bag of "shavings" (read that...hard and softwood chunks, hunks, nuggets, sawdust, and regular dust) you can buy at TSC for about $6.49..

    Yes, you read that right...more than twice as much of a 1,000% better product for $0.24 less than TSC.

    Granted, you'll hear bad things about shavings around here from time to time (They smell already! They're too dusty! on and on and on...) but shop around. Personally, I absolutely hate TSC's shavings, but the ones from Western Hay are tremendously awesome, IMHO..

    Plus...$2.66/cu ft is pretty daggone expensive for bedding!!!
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    I just put some in yesterday, with ~3 week old chicks,and found two dead today [​IMG] . No sign of what happened, crops feel nearly empty. They have been pecking at it, but they were on it where I got them & were fine. After reading your posts (I know... old thread, but as that stuff gains in popularity I think it needs a /bump), I think I'll put them back on shavings.
    Thanks all,
    (Another) Laurie
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    honestly am not sure how effective it is but it can be used as poultry litter.[​IMG] and stop [​IMG]

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