Using Eggs from Ducks on Medication

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    One of my recent projects is learning to make non-stinky paint from natural ingredients.

    And, may I say, I am having a blast! [​IMG]


    When Alba was on Panacur, she laid an egg. What to do, what to do?

    I learned that one can make tempera paint from egg yolk, and a lovely, translucent paint from the white. There are numerous recipes, I am sure, but what I did was add pigment (fruit concentrate and paprika) to the yolk. That made a luscious berry color, and I painted the tiny berries on a piece of carved (pressed, actually) wood trim with a vine and berries design. I then added green food coloring to the white and experimented with painting the leaves on the vine. The color was very pale, but very nice. Other matters intruded on my progress, and I did not finish painting the leaves.

    I do, however, plan to try some earthen green pigment in egg white to finish painting the leaves on that vine pattern.

    It also occurs to me that sometimes we have recipes that call for egg yolk only, or egg white. While making complementary recipes with the other part of the egg makes sense, it may be handy to know you have a craft opportunity as well.

    And now, back to my coffee. [​IMG]
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