Using Passion Vine Seeds or Loofa Seeds As Feed?


May 23, 2012
I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried feeding passion vine fruit and/or passion vine seeds OR loofa seeds to chickens. I'm not suggesting feeding them only these seeds, more like mixing them in to regular feed. I have a lot of passion vine fruit and loofa gourds and would love to put the seeds to good use.
Good question! I know I've dropped some loofah seeds in the run while banging the seeds out, but no one's ever come running for them... 🤷‍♀️ No one wanted to eat the loofah gourds - not the chickens, not the horse, even the squirrels only took 1 inquisitive nibble, and that was a hard nope! But everybody did love the shade the vines provided :)
Earlier this year, I fell down the rabbit hole looking for information on these same plants. From my hazy memory: passionfruit's fine but loofah's a little tough on chicken systems.

If I recall correctly, everything I found was either quasi-scientific looking but not very thorough, or just posts from people who've thrown passion vine and loofah to their flocks without mapping long-term effects.

My 2¢ would be to proceed with caution and use these more as treats, like mixed into their scratch instead of their feed. And moderation is probably key. Like always, I suppose!

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