Using recycled wood


12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
What would be best to use on old wood, particulary pallet wood, to make rot-resistant and make it last longer? Any tips on using recycled wood would be great!
Lots of folks on here use recycled wood! You'll find out what to put on it, to protect it! Enjoy!
I used old barn wood on my coop to give it that rustic look, but I just sided a plywood structure with the barn wood. It came off a coop that had been standing 50 years. How long do you want it to last?
Haha I am mainly concerned about the untreated wood that will be on the ground. Is painting it enough protection? Also I've heard that pallet wood is soft and won't hold up very well, is that not true?
also depends on where you are....Florida...doubt you can do anything to stop it from rotting....out here on the plains...stuff never rots! the pint is the more moisture it is presented with the faster you will have problems...soft woods do rot faster and will take more paint...paint is about the most economical and best thing out could also use things like wood sealers and such...some paints have rot preventer or soemthing like that in them for outdoor ground contact kind of applications
In some larger cities and metro/urban areas you can get recycled paint for free from the local city governments or recycling companies.... you can get latex paints that have been mixed with like colors to make a new color... usually a gray to tan... they save $ by allowing ppl to use the paints rather than having to have them destroyed
Some places like motorcycle dealerships get them in packing crates made of mahogony. Deluxe chicken coop in my opinion. My husband has actually made furniture out of them.
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