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    At least this time working out the dosage was easy.... but how long should they be drinking Wazine water? If more than a day, do I need to replace old water and mix up new stuff?

    It says to repeat worming again in 10-14 days....should I use a different wormer or can I use wazine again?

    It also says not to use in laying hens, but I read another thread on here somewhere that mentioned waiting 14 days after worming before consuming eggs again? Input on this topic is appreciated.

    I also read about worming one's flock twice a year. Are there specific times of year that are best? Should I use 2 different wormers? If so, can you suggest a second wormer I might be able to pick up at TSC and the dosage?

    Thank you!
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    The Wazine-treated water should be offered for just one day. Take out their water the night before so they are good & thirsty the next morning. Give them as much treated water as they will drink that day. I was told that the withdrawal period is only 96 hours, but you may wish to wait longer if you're concerned.

    The idea behind repeating the dosage in 10-14 days is to treat any new worms that could have hatched after the last dosage. I personally don't do that unless there's been a severe infestation.

    Some folks routinely worm 1 or 2 times a year. Others only treat the flock for worms if they see evidence (worms in the poop, weight loss, listless behavior). It's up to you. There are things some folks add to their feed that they feel makes a good preventative, such as food-grade DE, red pepper, or pumpkin seeds.

    This is a topic that has been discussed at length in many different threads here, get comfortable & search the archives, there's a lot to read & think about.
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    Quote:Thanks so much for the info. I did read through some of the other posts, but they're so long by now I had a lot of info to sift through.
    It's been soooo hot and humid out here, I dont think they'll be refusing any water today. I'd already put their treated water int he coop before I posted but thanks for the tip about removing water.

    the coop i'm worming contains hens between 20-30 weeks. In moving them to this new coop, I realized so many of them has a very prominent breast bone and just aren't very big considering how much feed i've been pumping into them. Not to mention my leftovers. They just seem to skinny so I thought it a good idea to worm them and just see if that helps.
    Insects and even worms have been known to carry internal parasites (survival tip if you ever find yourself eating bugs....COOK them first!) and I certainly can't stop them from eating those.

    Thanks for all the info!

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