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    Mar 30, 2011
    This is a question for anyone in here that uses Ustream. I had to set our duck eggs early because they were rocking and ready to go. The problem now is that I am guessing some of them will hatch over the weekend. So I want to set up a ustream streaming video so I can keep an eye on them at home. (These incubators are in my classroom here at school). I have a ustream account ready to go, but my question is, how well does it stay streaming? If I am not here and just leave it streaming, will it just keep going until I come back and stop it? Or are their service disruptions that stop it? Our internet should be pretty stable since no one will be here, I am more worried about Ustream.
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    I use IP cameras an have never used Ustream but I did a lot of research when I was setting up mine an have seen a lot of people use Ustream. Ustream seems to be very stable on there end, if your PC is stable an your internet connection stays stable it should work fine.
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    Ustream is very stable as long nothing on your end crashes or goes down all will be good [​IMG]

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