Usual question! What breeds/gender?


9 Years
Oct 12, 2010
Hi all. I'm a first time chicken farmer in Vermont. The birds you see here are from this spring, they've been laying about 3 weeks. I'm still not entirely sure how many roosters I have, and I'm not even too clear on the breeds. Help?



I've got 2 of the above birds


I've got 4 of the above birds.


I've got 2 of the above.


And one of this beauty.
I think I may have one black rooster. From when they were little chicks he would stand on the little (9") tall water feeder overlooking the rest, and still seems to run the show, although I've seen one of the 4 littler brown/black ones peck him off the roost when he came over.
First bird - White Wyandotte.

Second - Black Sex Link.

Third - Dark Cornish.

Fourth - Buff Orpington

Fifth - Columbian Wyandotte.

All girls.
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1st one - Wyandotte, Chantecler, or Plymouth Rock??
2nd - Marans or black Sex Link
3rd - need a better pic of this one. Maybe a side view??
4th - Buff Orpington
5th - Columbian Wyandotte

All very pretty girls.
Total guesses here but they do all look like girls.
#1 white wyandotte
#2 & #3 I don't know
#4 buff orpington
#5 columbian wyandotte
Chicken newbie here so don't take my guesses as gospel.

ETA - yeah! it looks like some of my guesses might be right! Getting better at this every day!
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