uugg she stopped


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
new Hampshire
sitting at day 18 I went to check on myducks that are setting on about 40 eggs that are on day 18 and they moved to the eggs that were layed this afternoon. All of the eggs are cold that were under her? Are they doomed I slid them back under them?
when it comes to birds hatching eggs, sometimes the bird is right, there might be something wrong with the eggs, but, you did right, if the ducks really feel soemthings wrong, they will leave again, best bet is to remove the duck thats laying fresh eggs, so the other broody ones dont get confused, keep an eye on the eggs, candle them if ya can, see if theres movement, with ducks, they tend to leave there eggs for 15 to 20 mins naturaly and let them cool and come back all wet and sit on them, when i incubated my duck eggs, from day nine, i had to let them cool once a day for 20 mins and then mist them, so i think you will be ok
lol np
duck eggs can get cool, you might want to actually mist the eggs once a day if you can, and dont worry about them colling, its actually needed, with chicken doing the broodyness, im not sure how you would cool them, but do try and mist them, removing the hen might put her off the brood, so a gentle lift and a squirt of water might do the trick

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