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9 Years
May 13, 2010
Central Arkansas
Well went to get some scratch for afternoon snack and there was an intimidating hiss and a tail disappearing around the corner of my storage room. Cat or snake? So I got my flashlight and checked it out and a big ol king snake. Well of course hubby is out of town so called my neighbor/best friend and asked her how hers felt about snakes and then asked them to come and deal. I said "He ain't gotta die, but he can't stay here!!!" So they came and scooped him up into a box and hauled him off. CRISIS AVERTED! and the snake gets to continue doing his job and living happy.......just not at my house!
Good thing it was found at your house 'cause if I found it then it would have to die at my house. That is unless DH is home and then he saves them from me.

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