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11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Northern Central Virginia
I currently have the following for sale, please pm or email for exact age and price on whatever catches your interest:

A couple nice Breeder and possibly SQ Black Copper Marans Cockerels ($15-25)
A gorgeous Dominique cockerel (super tame and friendly) ($25)
A Blue Copper Marans roo, nice but rough looking due to being in with more dominant roos ($25)
Several nice Delaware cockerels ($10-15)
BQ/SQ Black Ameraucana cockerels ($15-20)
Black EE cockerel $10
Coronation Sussex roo $30
Leghorn cockerels (from Paint Leghorn project) ($10-15)

I can probably make a pair with any of the above boys, but I do not have pullets available separately.
Priced as pairs $25-50 per pair.

Since I need pen space for my Paint Leghorn project, I have decide to part with the following adults:
a Trio=1 Pair of Splash & 1 White hen, standard Polish $65
a Quad of White Crested standard Polish (WC Blue roo, 3 WC Black hens). $90

5 Delawares...1 roo, 1 cockerel, 1 hen, 1 pullet around 6 mos old, and 1 younger pullet. Price depends on how many and which ones.

The above adults have been in breeder pens this summer so are not in the best feather at the moment but they are starting to fill back in! I can only sell these birds as breeder flocks, pairs, trios, etc, I CANNOT let the pullets/hens go separately..
noted after each…(Tom)(Hen)(unsexed)
2 Bourbon Reds (u) 3-4 mos $30 ea
4 Bronze (u) 2-3 mos $20 ea

2 Royal Palm toms - almost full grown $35 ea
1 yearling Royal Palm tom $45
3-4 Narragansett (u) $15 ea

Ducklings: (1/2 to 3/4 grown)
Muscovy: Choc & White, White, very tame, pet sales only, not meat birds ($15 ea)
A couple Pekin ducklings $10 each

Local Pickup preferred but I can ship. Buyer pays cost of box and shipping charges. Send your zip code and what you are thinking of ordering for a shipping estimate.

We are located About 50 miles W/SW of Washington DC in the Virginia Piedmont Region.

See our website for photos of our birds,
PM or email at [email protected].

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