Vaccinate home-hatched chicks?


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Jul 22, 2008
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Alright, all you experienced incubaters... Do you vaccinate your home-hatched chicks?

We bought Buff Orps last year from McMurray, and had them vaccinated for cocci and Marek's. This year, I'm going to try hatching some of our eggs, and am wondering what to do.


I forgot to add, we have sixteen Orps, will be getting thirty Cornish X Rocks, will be incubating a dozen.
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No. I dont hatch enough chicks for it to be cost effective.

It will be a rare occasion when you find a private breeder who does vaccinate. The vaccines themselves are highly expensive, and if you dont use them within an allotted amount of time they go bad. Most individuals wont have a flock size large enough to justify the cost of the vaccines.
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They are relatively inexpensive from the hatcheries.

I think you can get enough to vaccinate 1000 chicks for $16. (Mareks)

I recently vaccinated my entire flock.
I will vaccinate my next batch of chicks, it will only be @ 30 chicks so a lot of the bottle will go to waste but it's worth the $12-$16 to prevent Marek's. Heck I'll spend more than that on one vaccine for my dog, why not for 30 chicks. You have to vaccinate for Marek's in the first 24 hours for it to be affective though.

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I vaccinate for Marek's. Even though there are 1000 doses in 1 vile it is still only about $16. It's well worth the cost, even if some is wasted. It's easy to administer.

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