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May 20, 2015
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Hi, i was given a baby chick lastnight. It was rescued from cat's that got ahold of her/him. Therefore, it was a (stray chick) estimated about 5-6 weeks old max. Since i have no knowlege of where it came from i would probably bet its not vaccinated against Mareks or anything else for that matter. I have a flock of pullets about 9 weeks old now and im worried that i could introduce something to my beautiful flock. They have been separated and the baby chick has never seen my flock and is doing rather well in my brooder which is in an entirely different building on my property. Do i need to give this chick certain vaccines before introducing it to my healthy flock? What vaccines do i need. If so. I also wouldnt introduce it to my flock until its a bit older.

Im open to all suggestions. I just couldnt let the little chick get eaten by cats and i had to take it in. The chick is okay. It does have a scab on its head near the eye, ive bathed it and everything else "looks" fine. Its eating and drinking and pooping. Although the poop is a little more squirty and watery than what i remember my other chicks looking.

Thank you for your help.

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Vaccinations really won't be an issue at this point. I would, however, complete a full 30 day quarantine to allow anything the bird may be harboring in an incubation period to show itself - that is going to be more beneficial with regards to preventing infection of your healthy birds than any vaccinations would be. The vaccinations commonly given to chicks a) are given earlier than the window you are working with for this chick and b) wouldn't protect your existing chicks from anything.

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