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    So, reading about sick birds being shipped, moving and increasing our breeding flock by quite a bit has me wanting to vaccinate everybody. Some of my birds are like family, and I want the best protection possible for everyone. Now, what kinds of things should I vaccinate for? I'm thinking fowl pox, coryza and new castle? What about the different mycos? I guess I could call the ag extension to ask their opinions of what's most common in our area. But, one thing I don't quite understand.... most diseases that you vaccinate for are lifetime carrier diseases, but the vaccines are live. I know the amount is miniscule, but really, are vaccinated birds now considered carriers? Can vaccinated birds be shipped or sold, or would that pose a risk to other flocks if they are unvaccinated? Another thing, if the fowl pox is lifetime if contracted and vaccines are live, how come they have to be vaccinated yearly? I have some understanding of vaccines and immunity from nursing school, but not sure if I'm forgetting something important or what.
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    You're correct. It would be best to contact your local extension office or state agriculture department to find out what poultry diseases are prevelent in your area, then vaccinate accordingly if you wish. Here's a couple of links regarding vaccinations:

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