vacinated chicks one has blood in poo...

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10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Ok, my chicks are about 14 days old, they have been vac. against both the cocci and meraks. One of them just started to act sick this morning, there is blood in her poo, and she just stands with eyes shut and feathers puffed out. I have forced sugar water but I really don't know what else to do. Oh they eat chick start and are inside, with a light.
I was thinking someone might have something for me to try, I have moved her to her own little box with a teddy for company and provided heat, have been making sure she gets a little water now and then, can't seem to get her to eat anything, I went and bought some yogart with live culture will attempt to get her to eat some. Anything else I can do?
Vaccinations aren't always a guarantee that they won't get what the vaccine was to prevent. Blood says cocci, but since they haven't been exposed to soil, the risk of that is nill. If you can get liquid bird vitamins that might help, along with boiled egg yolk might help give it energy.
Thank you I will try to get her to eat some egg yolk. I just hate seeing them sick! Thanks again.

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