Valentines Day gift to myself..


12 Years
Mar 30, 2007
Belleville, Kansas
Well I was all set to pick up some sebbie geese two weeks ago but it fell thru, so this is what I got instead. I was so sad looking at my empty setup I had ready for the geese, that I had to fill it with SOMETHING!

I picked them up last weekend in Kansas. Pardon the tails, they got a lil crumpled in the pet carrier on the 2 hours journey home.

Also the smallest guy, confirm for me he is a boy and the other ones girls. He is a September hatch but is absolutely tiny. I have some late August hatches I didnt get put outside (in the house still) and they are three times his size. I think his sisters might have pushed him away from the food a bit. I brought him inside two nights ago as the temps dropped and he was shivering a lot and pulling his head into his body, he was so glad to be warm he didnt even kick or peep.

I also got a pied (mostly white peacock) with them but pics are not downloading for him.


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What a lovely gift! I wonder if DH would buy off on it if I told him I was going to get myself a boquet of 'sweet' Peas?
Ha ha ha - good for YOU! And belated Happy Val's Day. My husband has always admired the white peacocks, so I got him one for Christmas 2 years ago. It was so much fun to walk him to the back 40 where the aviaries are and show him his gift. He was awed, and watched his new bird for the longest time. You're going to love your present.
Sorry bout the poor pic quality, it has been cold and the best pics I got are not downloading for some reason. And I cant get photobucket to work either.

I am in love with them, altho little tiny boy has come inside and is love with my white silkie. I cant get him to stay where he is supposed to be. He sure ate alot at first, confirming that he was getting pushed away from the food by his sisters and he hasnt cried for them once. Thought he would be lonely after being with them all his life but he is living it up and seems to be loving it being spoiled.
I think he has grown a lot just in the last 4 days!

Two of the girls will go to my neighbor in a few days, I will be sad.

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