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Aug 4, 2009
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ok, when I gave this to Ladybug4ut1 to set up, the fan wasn't working, and she managed to stabalize the temp to 100.5 exactly. now, I have it, got the fan working, and can't get the temp to stabalize to save my life. Everytime I check on it, it's around 98-99. When I hit the Min/Max button on the thermometer, it says the min was 95 over the last 3 hours, and the max was 101.

Any suggestions on that to do? is there a way to clean the thermostat? I have eggs that have to go in there by friday at the latest. Didn't think there'd be this many problems with an incubator.

Also, I've had people say to get the humidity in it up to 45-50 percent and others say let it run at whatever it does for the first 17 days (it's at 20 percent now)

Whoa, that's not good. Little Giants are notorious for temp fluctuations. Try adding some bottles of water for stabilization, or you could get it to stabilize by not using the fan (Which I don't get...
) and opening the bator top once a day so as to get fresh air inside.

After this hatch, or before, you should get a Hovabator. They are a lot more reliable, and when something goes wrong, you just have to replace an $8.00 Wafer.
If you are using it as a still air, I think it should be at 102, if it's forced air it should be at 99.5 to 100

I have a hovabator and a LG. The LG is always up and down. The hovabator keeps temperature very well.

I run 40-50% humidity for the first 18 days and 65-73% the last 3 days.
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I personally have no trouble keeping a LG with fan stable as a rock 99.5 it may go all the way to 100 before the heat goes off but never above.I run my humidity at48- 50% for the first 18 days and 70-72% for lockdown and have very good usually 95-100% hatches.
The more you fuss with the temps on them the worse they get but you also need to keep the humidity stable as they go up in heat as humidity goes down. If your humidity is all over your heat will be as well. I run 1 LG with fan 2 Hova Bators with fan and1 Hova Bator Genesis most of the time all are running at the same time-lots of fuzzy butts here

Also calibrate that hydrometer
Also where you have the incubator located must be a stable environment as far as temps. My AC went out for over a week and that wreaked havoc with my last hatch. The humidity ran extremely high and the temps fluctuated due to the temps in the house being hot in the day and cooling off in the middle of the night.

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