variety hatching eggs WTB


8 Years
Nov 18, 2011
im looking for RIR, and barred rocks. if anyone has any that i could pick up localy in the los angeles area or with in an hour from here.
You should PM HOT2POT . She has a wide variety and has always I have always had an excellent hatch rate from her. Here is her BYC page and a list of her poultry. I highly recommend her. Her shipping/packing is perfect. And she has always been more than reasonable on her prices. Some people are way crazy on their egg prices. I have many of her chicks I hatched and they are lovely! Good luck.

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thanks, i might end up having to go that route again. i was trying to avoid shipped eggs because my last batch of 42 shipped eggs only hatched 2. but google is not finding much in my area of california.

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