Variety of Day-Old Chicks on Special Today and Tomorrow


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
Springfield, MO
Hey, I'm new to BYC, but this is Charlea Estes-Mills of Estes Hatchery in Springfield, MO. I was referred to this site by one of our customers who suggested we post some overrun on here when we've got it. I am currently. Here is a copy of the mailer I sent out this morning. Please call or email me if you have any questions!

Today we have a special on a variety of pullets.
The following breeds are available:
California White Leghorns
New Hampshire Reds
Red Sex Links
Sicilian Buttercups

We also have a special on Assorted Rare Breed pullets and Cornish Cross Broilers!

This week only! Standard pullets are $40.00/25 pullets, $75.00/50 pullets, $140/100 pullets, and if you order 200 or more, only $125.00 per 100!

Cornish Cross are specialed at $1.00 each in quantities of 100 or more, with bigger discounts the more you buy!

Email us or call us TODAY to guarantee these prices!
800-345-1420 or [email protected]
Just to let everyone one know. I got my start out with chicks shipped directly from EstesHatchery. I've enjoyed their birds and their customer service was great! If you have questions about my experience with them feel free to email or PM me.
Dont forget, their Welsummers came from the late owner, Harry Shaw of Calicowoods and last time I talked with them, they have not outcrossed with any other lines except their own. No hatchery blood in them. Correct me if I am wrong, Mrs. Estes.

Welcome! Oh the temptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (need more Welsummers LOL)
they are day olds and they do ship, give them a call and I am sure they are happy to help you! They are very very nice folks!
Yes, these are still from CalicoWoods. We will be finding new roosters for this line this year. I am doing my best to find the best lines possible to preserve the integrity of the egg color and bird quality.

As of this year, it is still the same.

I ahve sold out of the Welsummers, but I will post what I still have available this afternoon.
they are day olds and they do ship, give them a call and I am sure they are happy to help you! They are very very nice folks!

Yes, we can ship. However. I'm limited on Thursdays as to what zone. My extension at the hatchery is 102, so if anyone needs any help, don't hesitate to call! 1-800-345-1420

100 Black Sex Link Pullets @ 1.10-1.60 each depending on quantity
26 Buff Orphington Pullets @1.60/each
LOTS of Cornish Cross Broilers @.85-$1.00 depending on quantity

AVAILABLE for local pick up or- shipping to NW AR, most of MO, eastern KS, NE OK"
Bits and pieces of boxes on each of the following:
Barred Rocks
Black Australorps
Brown Leghorns
California Whites
375 Cornish Cross Broilers
Red Sex Links
Production Reds
White Leghorns
Black Jersey Giants
Partrdige Plymouth Rocks
Sicilian Buttercups
Silver Phoenix
White Jersey Giants
Polish Crested
Mottled Houdans
White Turkeys

CALL ME ASAP! These babies need homes!
Charlea @1-800-345-1420 ext 102 I will TRY to get to emails, but it'll be easier to take phone calls.

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