Variety of mixed duck hatching eggs


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I have a variety of duck hatching eggs if anyone's interested.

Hens are : Khaki campbell, black swedish, rouen, and gold welsh harlequin.
Drakes" Khaki Campbell, welsh harlequin, and pekin.

You may get purebred khaki campbell and harlequins as well as mixed breeds. The welsh harlequin drake seems to be the most active with all the ladies!

They are $1 per egg, shipping is flat rate of $14 (this includes packing materials). If you want more than 12 eggs, the shipping may increase due to the need for a larger box.

All eggs are packaged properly to ensure no damage. I cannot, however, take responsibility for the way the post offices treat them. They box will be properly labeled "hatching eggs, do not x-ray, handle with care, etc".

I have had an excellent hatch rate this year (90-100% with every batch).

Any questions, feel free to PM me. I can also send pics of the adults if requested.

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