Varying color of eggs

CJS Flock

Jul 14, 2020
Hello chicken friends,
I have a sapphire olive egger that I though had laid her first “fart” egg the end of November. Since then I’ve have an opposie egg with no shell and another that looked like she laid it from the roosting bar. Today I got another regular egg in the nesting box! The fart egg was speckled and the next two with shells were a bluish green. I know she is for sure one who just started laying because of her red comb and wattles, plus the squatting started right before the first egg. Is it possible these are both hers or do you think my EE/Americana mix stared laying at the same time since they’re the same age? The EE doesn’t squat, but her face seems redder (not her comb). Pictures attached. Let me know what you all think, please :)


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