vaulted skull

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  1. what does this refer to? the feathers or the skull itself??
  2. silkiechicken

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    The skull its self. It appears in many large crested birds, and often makes brain injuries very
  3. fancyfowl4ever

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Its what breeds with big crests have. They basically have a hole in their skull that exposes the brain and is only covered with a thick layer of soft tissue/cartilage.
    If you feel the bump on top of the head of say ---- a polish chick, or SQ bloodline Silkie---- you will notice its not really a solid bump, its a bit squishy.

    Thats what makes the crests in big crested breeds so big.

    Also, with them having a hole in their skull they are more prone to brain injury due to pecking etc.
    Silkies with vaulted skulls are esspecially vulnurable I think, they are too gentle and calm and will not either defend themselfs or get out of the way of a bully(unlike polish which are pretty quick birds).

    I think crooked neck syndrome in silkies is caused by brainswelling due to injury if I recall correctly.

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