Vectra 3D - Anyone Ever Heard of it?


9 Years
Dec 17, 2010
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I was reading a 'Dog Fancy' magazine and came upon a page for "vectra 3D". It

is a Flea, tick, mosquitoe, mite, lice, sand flea and biting flea prevention. My

questions are - does anyone here use it? what IS it? How often do you have to buy it?

I'm going to ask our vet, but since Im so curious about it, I wanted to post here to see if anyone

here has ever heard of it/uses it, as this is the first I've ever heard of it.

This is what the page reads:

"Vectra 3D repels and kills Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, lice, sand fleas and biting fleas. By
killing these hungry vectors BEFORE they bite and feed, vectra 3D helps to reduce risk of disease
transmission. It also prevents flea infestations by controlling all stages of fleas. You don't get this
kind of protection in other products. Ask your veterinarian about keeping your dog off the dinner
menu with vectra 3D"
that is what we used last year for flea prevention. Worked pretty good for us but was pricey (especially since I have several animals)
Works like frontline - monthly topical between the shoulder blades.
I can't belive we've never heard of it.

Is it way more expensive than most flea and tick prevention?
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I just got Vectra 3D from my Vet. Does any one know what it the egg withdrawal and also what is the dose?

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