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12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
Well already planning and maping out the Veggi Garden. We arent doing as big of one as last year but we are going to still have a great variety. But my question is does anyone have any good SPACE SAVING ideas for growing watermelons and canteloupes in a smaller space? We will also be having....

Leaf Lettuce

And also our Blueberry and Rasphberry bushes!
I've never done it myself, (I can't grow a watermelon to save my life!) but I've heard of people training the vines up a fence and then making a sling for each melon to support it's weight as it grows.
The only space saving idea I can think for a watermelon vine is to plant it in your neighbors yard!!!
JK! My kids planted on years ago...around the patio...we had watermelons and vine...and no patio!!!! If we could air drop kudzu or watermelon vine over Iraq, the war would be over in a week!!! Good luck..please share if you figure out the solution
You can get bush varieties of watermelon to grow in a small space. I like this site, they specialize in heirloom varieties, I got seeds from them last year and did very well. Also if you can find an old copy of Carrots Love Tomatoes, about companion planting they have good suggestions.
Grow your cantys' and watermelons up a trellis type thing (make sure it's nice and sturdy) and when they start to fruit put the little fruit into cut panty hose. Tye the open end to the trellis and the panty hose will stretch as the melon grows. Also keeps the bugs off. Hope this helps! Good Luck
Hi I used the pantyhose trick on cantalopes last year.It worked great!I let mine climb up one of those heavy gage livestock panels fromTSC. I cut it in half so it was @ 4 x 6 foot.It also keeps the cantalopes clean and safe from critters and bugs.
I will have to try these ideas! How much is the livestock pannel at TSC...I think I have seen them just never checked price.
They used to be around $15.00, but I am sure they have went up with everything else this past year.Good luck!!(I also let my cucumbers climb up, and I think it doubles the yield per plant)

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