Veggie Snacks


Apr 24, 2018
Battletown, Kentucky
Does anyone know about drying out vegetables for my hens. I do not have a dehydrator. An example : if we have leftover peas, I would like to use them with a few other tidbits for an evening snack but with only 4 hens they get nasty in the fridge after just a couple days. I am not great in the kitchen but was thinking about spreading a variety of vegetables on a cookie sheet and letting them dry a bit, maybe even in the oven on a super low temp. And then storing them in a jar or baggie to use over a couple weeks time. I throw away so many left over veggies that just get slimy and yuccky. Is buying a dehydrator the answer?
It could be because it speeds up the drying process and less likely to wind up with moldy food if not dry enough when put it in a container. I am considering the same for my hot chili peppers so I can make chili powder.

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