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    First time incubating, and I have veins! This is exciting! I never thought i'd get so uppity over some smoodges in an egg. I can't see if anything is happening in the marans eggs, and the Ameraucanas are tough to see too, but the Polish eggs are clearly getting veins. I'm also doing the dry method. I've had the humidity somewhere in the 40s, and haven't added water until it got down to 25. So we'll see what shakes loose.
  2. Yeah! Those first veins are very exciting!! Don't worry about the Marans and Ameracaunas. If you are in a totally dark room with the absolutely brightest of LED flashlights, you can sometimes see the veins. I would probably only candle them once more...around day 12. Then, as long as they don't stink or weep, keep them in the bator.

    Good for you, going dry incubation. It's the ONLY way to go IMO. Particularly for darker colored eggs. Personally, I don't add any water at all unless it gets below about 27%, then I soak the sponge only once in 24 hours. It will rise, then slowly drop again.
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    good job!
    I know that feeling! [​IMG]
    I am on day 9 with one of my eggs! [​IMG] When i first saw veins, i was like omg! I was soo excited!!! Now that egg is growing the chick inside is starting to wiggle! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Good luck! [​IMG]

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