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Aug 18, 2008
Easley, SC
Yes I admit I couldn't hold off the urge to candle the eggs any longer. So I candled them and I see veins in some of them!!! Even in one of my eggs I set with them! Yay!!! We hopefully will have some Silkies and Seramas as well as a barnyard mutt I hope!!!

*By the way, I just set the eggs Saturday the 13th.
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Thanks! The one in my avatar was Dreamer. We lost her in February to a dog attack. I miss her, she was still a baby really out of one of my favorite does.
Thank you for this post. I set eggs on thurday and candled them on sunday and didn't see anything
They are from my own flock and wasn't sure if they would be fertile and this is the first time I've candled, now I know. I will look tonight to be sure but have already made arrangements to go pick some up that are fertile for sure. Now I just hope my hen will stay broody for the duration.
Don't throw them out yet! Too early to tell. There are several in mine that I didn't see anything and I'm not tossing them for a while. I had to really really look to see the ones I did.
I won't, but if I go get 6 plus the four (if they turn out fertile) my DH will scream, lol. That would be soooo sweet. I have 4 I hatched out last Wed. and 3-5week olds all in brooders in his workshop. He loves me, lol.
My hubby doesn't really pay much attention to what I do with eggs. Hehe He knows I'll manage a good enough number and not go overboard. Problem is I am having a harder and harder time knowing the limit.
No one told me there was a limit

I have 39 and eggs in the bator, guess I need to figure out my limit.....

Luckily my husband is an enabler

Good luck with your eggs.

I usually candle around Day 5 then put any ?? ones in a seperate area then next candling I decide which to toss.
That sounds like a good plan.

I have quite a few chickies too. Did I mention I got my first green egg today!!!!!! YAY!!!!

I have 7 RIR pullets and a roo
3 Blue Andaulsian/RIR pullets and a SLW roo
3 Ameraucana hens and 2 roos
pair of Silver Sebrights
and a little black Silkie/Ameraucana cross pullet. I think I may work towards introducing her to possibly the Sebrights. Not positive yet.

+ the 56 chicks and eggs in the bator.
With all the chicks in the workshop and hens in the coop. We went to an auction Saturday and my son came home with 2 bunny rabbits, guess where they are? I think he has resigned hisself to the fact that his workshop is now an animal haven. He still has the back of the barn, lol. We are planning on getting goats as well but I don't wanna put my cart before the goat so we are waiting till arrangements are made for proper housing and such. I did acquire a dog kennel (10x6x6) for free on sunday, can always use those, lol.

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