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Sep 16, 2018
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1. Raven is 2 years old and normal weight.
2) See pictures but she is missing a ton of feathers around get vent and I think she's the chicken that's been laying shelless eggs.
3) The weird eggs has been for a couple weeks. I assumed it was a citrus thing because we recently have been giving the perks of oranges to them from our table. We've stoped the citrus for 2 weeks now.
4) Other chickens are fine. There are only 4 of them. I did an exam of all 4 today and no mites and only Raven has the issue.
5) No trauma.
6) I don't know if it's a yeast infection or what.
7) She has been acting normal.
8) All the poop I see looks normal but I'm not sure if it's hers or not.
9) I haven't done any treatment.
10 ) What is your intent as far as treatment? I want to treat entirely myself.
11) pictures attached.
12) Plenty of room in coop and run. I redid the dust bath today and cleaned the run. View attachment 2158973


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It doesn't look like vent gleet to me, just a dirty butt. I think the feathers may be matted, rather than missing. If you can put her in a wire crate for a bit with towels or puppy pads down that will give you a chance to check her droppings, and if she's laying then hopefully you will see an egg and can tell if that's an issue. Citrus can cause diahrea, so that could contribute. You might mix some probiotics for them for a few days in food or water and see if that helps. If you have never had a fecal done, I would do that to check for internal parasites which can cause runny droppings and dirty rears. Some birds just don't push droppings out as hard as others, so that may be going on. But it looks like it goes pretty far down the belly, which suggests it's very loose, or she's laying in it rather than roosting. Does she roost normally? Sometimes dirty rears can be a sign of a reproductive problem, which makes it harder for them to expel droppings, so knowing if she's laying normally, would be good. Also, does the abdomen below the vent/between the legs feel bloated at all? I know that's a lot of info, but sometimes it takes a bit to figure out what is going on.

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