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    Apr 18, 2010
    First, chicken butt....I've done most of the plucking, and usually evicerate at this point. When I'm done, I wash the chicken out, and pluck out any stray feathers or pin feathers. On the bottom of the vent on each side is the pelvis, and I use that as a guide to make my --O-- cut, by cutting on the inside of those pelvic bones.


    In this pic, I've cut across, and over the vent (the top half of the "O". I've opened it up a little so you can see the intestines - they are right there. Don't go hacking with a knife in there, or sticking the knife all the way in. I start the cuts like I said above, cutting into the pelvic bones, and tuck my finger in to loosen the skin away from the guts. I also use my finger to guide the knife across - placing the back of the knife tip against my finger and guiding it that way.


    This is after cutting around the vent. The end of the intestine is loose, and it's just the skin around the vent attached to it. Do it right, and nothing comes out the intestine.


    Cleaned out and a second cut made above the vent cut. I try to keep the vent cut low on the skin, so I can make a second cut parallel to it. I've cut the tail off completely.

    Making that nifty loop to hold the legs. After making the parallel cut, just tuck the legs in to keep them trussed up and neat looking.


    Hope this helps someone [​IMG]

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    Dang, that's slick! Thanks so much for the step-by-step!
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    Super slick! Thanks for posting that, very helpful.
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    PERFECT step by step! The vent cutting is an important step to see up close like this. Bravo!! [​IMG] Thank you for this!
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    Apr 18, 2010
    Thank you [​IMG]

    It's one of those things that when you do it, it's super easy to see how it goes, but it's so hard to explain with just words.

    In the one pic, I'm holding the vent by part of the skin, it's pretty much completely loose and only attached to the intestine, nothing else. Everything comes out all together, guts and vent.

    Also, in the first pic, you can see the bumps for the pelvis, and I just make my first cuts with the knife against those, so I know I'm not hitting any guts. They make a good guide!

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    Thank you!
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    Oh, really nice pix! Personally, I have always found verbal descriptions problematic, starting with "above" and "below" - since the bird is usually on its back. This makes everything absolutely clear.

    I also never "got" the description of the second cut for tucking in the legs - and now I believe that I understand that, as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to show the details.

    -- Nan
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    Very nice and tidy. Thank you!

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