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    I have a broody who I've just discovered hasn't been leaving her nest to poop. We ended up losing the chicks last night because she wouldn't sit anymore. Today I started examining the hen. She has a very pastey behind, and I've discovered she was full of dry poop. I cleaned out as much I could. I've also cut and washed the poop from her rear. She's not eating or drinking. I think it's only a matter of time before she passes. Is there anything else I can do to help her?


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    Poor girl. If she's still got some stuck in there, use oil - mineral oil and even vegetable would be okay - to really soak and loosen the stuff. If you're not sure she's been drinking of late, hurry to get some fluids into her. You can very slowly dribble water - via dropper - along her beak line (so she doesn't swallow wrong/choke) and also try various wet fruits (berries, melon, anything moist) to see if you can peak her interest at all. You could also try offering small bits of bread very well soaked in olive oil. I know she's not eating but hoping some or all of this stuff will be a bit enticing compared to her regular food. You can also right away add 3 drops children's polyvisol liquid vitamins per day (obtained this dose from many BYC posts) - dribble along her beak line just like the water.
    I hope she gets well. [​IMG]
  3. Add molasses to her drinking water. Mix it like weak tea. Molasses is a natural laxative to fowl. Give it to her for a week.
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    I had something similar happen to a hen in the past. Long story short, I took her in the house and used the kitchen sink sprayer to clean her out. Figuring eggs are pretty big she could handle a warm water enema. It was a slow process, a little at a time. Quite honestly it saved her life and she stood like a soldier for the process.

    I don't know why she became impacted but as soon as she was cleaned out she was fine.

    Good luck.

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