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  1. ilovemychook24

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    May 18, 2011
    i only noticed her becoming weak yesterday
    As i went outside i found that all my chickens came running...except her and this isnt usual
    she was just sitting there sleeping once i came towards she looked more alive but i could tell something wasnt right, i picked her up and studied her..when i came across her vent area....
    i thought she might of been constipated and there was this giant piece of poo stuck in her rear, so i decided to bath her i grabbed some scissors a cloth and a pair of tweezers, as i put her in the water i tried softening the "poo" but it just wouldnt soften so i picked at it with the tweezers but it started to bleed and i could see i was begining to hurt her. i gave up, put some antibiotics on it and left her to sleep in the house.
    today i went out to go and check on it, i studied and realised the thing that was sticking out of her bottom seems to have mishapen her bottom hole (it had been like this since i found her the day before but i only trully noticed now), she only has a little gap of which poo seems to dribble out of and this is to one side. she eats perfectly fine and drinks fine, even gets excited to the sight of food, she'll sometimes wander after ive given her food but will eventually end up sleeping in a corner looking puffy and sick. i looked for answers on google and they spoke of prolapse but this pullet is 13 weeks old and i heard they only prolapse either very young, very old or when they lay
    is there anything i can do to help her and any help of what this might be?
    i will give pictures but you wont be albe to tell much from them as they are blurry
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  2. kellysmall87

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    This is a tricky one. So the thing hanging off her vent isn't poo, it's a growth?

    Maybe give her olive oil to act as a laxative to help her get all the poo out?

    If shes eating, pooing and drinking then she should be fine but then again, she's obviously in pain and not well if she's sitting away from everyone and everything. Maybe take her to a vet? Sounds like prolapse. For the time being, she'll be fine, but the problems might arise when she comes to egg laying. It may hurt her, rip her or the egg wont come out. I'd say vet.
  3. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    At 13 weeks a prolapse is not a great sign for the future. There are some birds that have weak musculature in their vents. They are prone to constipation/diarrhea, prolapse, infection and wounds resulting from ammonia burns around their vents due to the poop sticking. Overall, not a great prognosis.

    You need to get the prolapse back into place. Preparation H or honey applied to the tissue should shrink it up so it goes back into place on its own. If that doesn't work then you will need to get her to a vet or cull her. A vet can put a purse stitch in to hold the prolapse in place until it heals. There is an increased risk of it happening again in the future for birds who prolapse.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  4. ilovemychook24

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    May 18, 2011
    sadly before i could treat her she passed away this morning :(
    but i guess i'll know what to do in the future
    thankyou for the help :)
  5. jojobobo61

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    Apr 17, 2012
    It sounds like polapse... try to push it in back use cold water to bring down the swelling and isolate her in a small coop away from other chickens for one to two weeks or untill she seems normal again and only give her enough food for her to survive this will cause her to molt and hopefuly make the prolapse go away,

    best wishes,
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  6. Gallus Sapien

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    Mar 29, 2012
    Good luck!

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