Ventilation in an LG forced air

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    Okay, this may be common knowledge for veteran hatchers, but completely new to me, so forgive me if this ends up being a "Here's your Sign" post.....

    I have an LG forced air incubator with turner. I placed my eggs on Jan. 9th in the bator, and, as per LG instruction, I removed one of the vent plugs right away. Temp and humidity were steady at 99.5 and 34%. I noticed a day or so later that the vent plug that I had removed was directly above the fan. I mentioned this to my husband, who then proceeded to explain why "theoretically" pulling the plug farthest AWAY from the fan would be better....should give steadier temps and humidity throughout the incubator. I was hesitant to try it, since the temp seemed so steady, but I got to thinking that maybe it WOULD be hot spots or cold spots, wet or dry.

    So I gave it a whirl.

    Next thing I know, the humidity starts spiking. In fact, it got up to 50%, so I quickly removed the water using the syringe/tube apparatus described in another thread (works great, by the way!) Unfortunately, the humidity kept climbing throughout the day. As a back up, I added another therm/hygrometer in a different location.....THIS one read a full degree hotter AND 8% higher humidity. I panicked.....hollered all kinds of accusations at my husband for trying to sabotage my incubator, and PROMPTLY switched the plug back to where it was (leaving the vent above the fan OPEN). Almost INSTANTLY the humidity started coming back down, and, in fact, both thermometers steadied to read EXACTLY the same temp and humidity.

    In conclusion, I've found that for anyone questioning which vent plug to leave open during the first 18 days of incubation (specifically in an LG forced air unit), REMOVE THE PLUG OVER THE FAN (toward the back of the incubator), and leave the other one in (toward the front of the incubator).

    Lol.....quite a long story for such a simple conclusion [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] All I can say is I never listen to my hubby!!
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    Well I sure learned my lesson!!!!
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]

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