Ventilation on new coop.


Jun 1, 2020
Eastern NC
I’m getting close to finishing our first coop build and I wanted to get input on ventilation. Our coop has a window with hardware cloth on the front and back. I added a vent above the door on the front. I plan on adding hinged coverings for those two windows for hard rainy days and winter. I’m located in NC so we don’t get the bitter cold that northern states get. Should I add another vent on the back like the one on the front or would one be adequate? We have 7 bantams. Thanks ahead for any input.


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Awesome looking coop! You're a hell of a carpenter.
I've built five now and every time I've added more ventilation. I am in Tennessee, but the coops get surprisingly warm inside. The most resent one I built has large windows with hardware cloth and window panels with roofing metal that hinge up to make their own awning. The birds all want to sleep right in the window so the must like it.

Thanks Urban. I’m not at all a carpenter. I just “wing it.“ 😉 It sounds like the more ventilation, the better. I could add those eave vents on the sides under the roof as well. This is our first coop/chickens so this is all new to us. The humidity here is my biggest concern.
I’m not sure if I could put a ridge vent on top, but I could add round vents where the roof peaks on each end.

It might be better to just remove all the wall sheathing for a foot or so under the roof at the gable peaks and replace it with hardware cloth.

My little, Monitor Roof coop was never hotter than the outside even in midsummer.


I had a hardened run so I never closed the pop door.
I’m located in NC
I don't think you'd possibly get cold enough to worry about chickens being too cold. So long as they have a wind break and can huddle up they're basically built out of insulation. I'm in central Maine and mine don't even start to huddle together until about 20 degrees.
Thanks for all the input from everyone. I finally got the chickens in yesterday. I added huge vents/windows on the front and back. I also added windows down each side. I still have some trim work and rearranging to do. I also have to get the run put up. It’s much cooler now. With the temps in the low 90’s it’s pretty comfortable inside. The chickens seem to like it so far. Thanks again.


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