Ventilation Questions


Oct 3, 2014
I am in the building process for my 8x8x8 coop and have some questions on ventilation. ATM my idea is to leave the soffit area open on both sides and simply seal it off with window screen to keep out wasps and small birds. Would this be enough ventilation or do I need to keep planning? The chickens are still in the brooder but they will be free ranging so only in the coop to sleep. There will be between 10-15 girls in the coop unless I end up with far more roosters than I expect. Thanks in advance for any responses. Here are a few pictures of what I have so far. I am about to step out and do some framing as we speak.

That should work if the soffit area is wide enough. Figure 1 sq ft per chicken. Also, I would cover it with wire mest hor hardware cloth rather than window screen, for predator protection.

If you haven't read the ventilation article linked in my sig line, please do. It was written by a Canadian member.

Good luck!

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