ventilation, where and how much? advice please


Smothered in Feathers
9 Years
May 14, 2013
Central, PA
Hi everyone! We're new to chickens and are building or coop for our first chicks. We have 17 of them (two are bantams and 2 are silkies). They are 5 weeks old and we're still working on the coop. It's half coop and half shed. We have all walks up and are going to start the roof on Monday but we're still not sure what kind of ventilation we should have our how much. The rod will be standard trusses. The nest boxes will extend out of the coop into the shed part. The entire thing is double walled with insulation stuffed in between (floors are the same) The coop itself is 2 1/2 feet up off the ground and the dimensions are 10' X 6'. The attached run is 10' X 10' plus the space under the coop. The coop side also has one removable window. What type of ventilation should we use and how much. Thanks!

We're further along than this picture shows (we have all the walls done and the linoleum floor in) but this is the only one I could get uploaded.

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