VERDICT IS IN!! FRIZZLEs: Monica, Rachel & Phoebe. OR Mo,Larry,Curly?


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Oct 18, 2009
These are our three bantam Cochin Frizzles, that are nearly 12 weeks old. Any educated guesses as to their genders? Thanks for the input!

Monica, Rachel & Phoebe:

The verdict is IN! All three Frizzles are HENS!!!! At 28 weeks old, the last of the three girlz dropped an egg today, hooray!!!!!
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Well I love them! But, I honestly have no idea. Cochins trick me every time, and the frizzling confuses me even more because it make the saddle and hackle feathers a jumble. But, they are lovely whatever gender they are! Hope you get some answers because I have some in the bator - I would love an example of what to look for in pullets vs cockerals of this variety.
Oh I dunno. I would say girls, as the waddles seem decently small to me. I have sizzles, so their combs and waddles are still teeny at 6 months. My girls' waddles are just starting to waddle.
LareePQG!!!!! I have YOU to blame for this Frizzle/Sizzle acquisition!!! I saw your Beeker Sizzle and got myself hooked up with these Frizzle chicks that week b/c I HAD to have some!!! Thanks a lot!
I am a bad influence.

Beaker JUST started laying last week. Three eggs (that I noticed) bright pink and pointy. WOOOHOOO!
No Doh! WoooHHOOOOOooo. She is barely 6 months, and half silkie, so she might be slower than your ladies.

Now begins your quest for the perfect picture.....

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