Very basic Brooder question: Define drafty

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May 27, 2010
Indianapolis, IN
I'm prepping our first brooder for new chicks that arrive next week. I have a large Steralite container. I plan on putting hardware cloth in the lid (cat and toddler, a lid is mandatory). I've seen it done on almost the entire lid and only half the lid. I'm trying to decide what is best for our brooder, which will be housed on our enclosed porch.

What should I be looking for to make sure it isn't drafty but adequately ventilated? Can anyone advise?


As long as the outside temps are warmer at night and you have a heat lamp on them, any of your ideas would be fine for the top. You will be taking the top off often so make sure it is something that is easy to take on and off. If the chicks are cold, they will be huddled together under the light and then you will know it is too drafty for them.
Drafty means the wind is hitting them. With a solid bottom and solid sides, the wind should not be hitting them so either top should work fine from a ventilation view point.

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