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    Jun 13, 2012
    Hi. I have a four year old chicken. She has looked sick for the past week. She seems to have a number of symptoms but I'm confused about what might be wrong.

    Her comb is floppy and she is very lethargic. Her poop is watery and green. My first thought was worms. I gave her Wazine in her water.

    She also had a very puffy, watery crop. When I picked her up the liquid that came out was brown. I got rid of all that, and then started her on probiotics in the water. While her crop is still somewhat swollen, she does not seem to need to be helped along to vomit.

    She has not laid eggs in nearly a year. Suddenly, she is laying an egg EVERY day.

    She stands around with her eyes closed.

    I have not observed her eating but she is drinking normally.

    I have never encountered this combination of symptoms. Can anyone help?

    Thank so much!

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