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Jun 28, 2010
Middle Tennessee

Is this chicken, BLRW, male or female? It will be 20 weeks old tomorrow. It is very tall, taller than my 25 week old barred rocks and bigger than my 20 week old cockerels that are a different breed. Started getting red comb and wattles early but then they never got really big. I have never seen any squatting or crowing from it. I have not seen the roos try to mate with it or it try to mate with the pullets. I have another BLRW that looks very different and definitely looks like a pullet. I just figured it was a late maturing roo but today I got 12 eggs from 10 Barred Rock pullets that I know are laying. I also have the other BLRW that looks about ready to lay. Then I have this one and all the others should soon lay blue-blue/green eggs as they are CCL or CCL mixed with White Leghorns. A couple of the eggs are very light brown or cream colored that were laid today but none that were bluish or white.
Can you get a better side view pic? How old is this particular bird? I think I see pointed hackle feathers but I need a closer picture!
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Don't know what it is but I do know it is camera shy. Thanks for your help.
One day short of 20 weeks old.
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Well, that is what I had been thinking till today. Don't know who laid that 12th egg. I had not even gotten 10 eggs in one day from the 10 Barred Rocks, the most was 9, so 12 was quite a shock. He has always been kind of timid, even though he is the biggest chicken out there, he is the biggest "chicken" out there. LOL He lets the other roos do all the mating and crowing. Do you think he just is later maturing? The other cockerels are CCL and CCL/White Leghorn. The mixed cockerels are about to go to freezer camp and I was going to keep him and one CCL roo.

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