very dark colored toad??


Flock Mistress
11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
N. IL.
I'm in northern Illinois and we just caught a toad. It's back is so much darker and all dark compared to the toads we usually's bottom is speckled like the other toads we see but it's back is nearly black.

My camera of course the battery is not charged.

My kids are taking turns holding it now...after it pee'd on them.

I'm googling but haven't come across a dark colored toad in Ill. yet.

any thoughts?
i live in ohio and have seen an almost black toad! they just vary in color like everything else. its fun to see what kind of variations you can find though true browns reds and the almost blacks. i would say it was prolly just a normal little weirdo
I've it's probly just an eastern toad, I've seen/cought almost black ones, I cought a SOLID black one once, it was TOTALLY blacl from head to toe!, I've seen them this fawn/blonde color, and when I was younger I cought abunch of toad tadpoles, several turned out RED

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