Very Excited First Time Egg Hatcher

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  1. I have one egg that is on Day 19 right now, and a second that is on Day 11. I am eagerly awaiting the first egg's piping stage. [​IMG] I have already planned to spend most of Sunday out in my garden, which is right next to my chicken coop.

    I truly hope that I get at least one chick because the rooster that fertilized these two eggs died unexpectedly on Wednesday. [​IMG]He appears to have had a heart attack, but I am definitely keeping a very close eye on my 3 hens (one of which is sitting on the two eggs). Poor Cottonball (rooster) apparently chased down a dog that killed and ate one of my hens about 4 or so weeks ago, only to died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was such a good protector for my girls. I am kind of hoping that one of the chicks is a rooster...50/50 chance, right?

    Back to the subject at hand...I figure that I'll have to incubate the second egg myself since the first egg will hatch earlier and Mama hen might not sit on the second egg much. Ugh!

    This morning, I locked Mama hen in the small coop where she has been with the eggs to protect her and any chicks from the other two hens. Here's hoping. [​IMG]

    Oh, does anyone know if there is some kind of "mix these two breeds of these colors and you'll get this type of chick" chart anywhere? Just wondering.
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    Good luck with yr hatch!
  3. My egg is starting to pip!!! =D

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