Very Exciting!!!


9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
I recently bought some Red Golden Pheasants and a pair of Bobwhite quail from another member on here that lives in my area. Well, I gotta tell you that I am absolutely in love with the little quail. So much so, that I just ordered 12 Button quail hatching eggs from a different member on here! This will be my first time hatching quail eggs and I am so excited!!! Right now I have the incubator running so that I can check the temperature, and make sure the new quail rails are turning properly. I do need to buy a hygrometer so that I can monitor the humidity. Last year we hatched a peacock egg from our pair of India Blues. I am fairly new to using an incubator, and hoping that I am successful with the quail eggs. Sooooo Exciting!!!!!
I recently installed a fan in my Little Giant incubator. Now that I have it running to test everything out, I noticed something..... Is it normal to have some noise/ vibration from the fan??? I just hope it's normal and won't effect the eggs when I get them and put them in. Any advice on this?
Okay...... for some reason now it is much quieter???? Who knows, but as long as it stays the way it is now I should be all set when the time comes!
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