Very new, no chickens yet!


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Hi everyone!
I'm very new and don't have chickens yet. I've wanted chickens for a few years but just recently my family and I are more seriously considering it. I'm just gathering as much info as possible for now so I can have everything prepared before I get chicks.
I live in Massachusetts and my town allows 6 hens, so wherever I get my chicks from they have to have a very small minimum. We have a shed I'm thinking about turning into a chicken coop, but I'm also open to buying a used coop to start and not being rushed to fix up the shed (Nobody's even been in that shed in about 20 years.) I feel like its going to end up being a lot of work BUT it's a real big one with a regular front door and a wide side door and ramp for a lawn mower. If I attach a nice roomy run to the side where the wide door and ramp is it's going to be like luxury living for those hens! I suppose it does make more sense to NOT rush that process and have plenty of time to design and repair and build for next year than to spend the next couple months stressing about getting it done before it snows.

As far as breeds I really like black frizzled cochins, silkie bantams a Rhode Island reds. I'm having a hard time deciding where I can only have 6 and I definitely want lots of eggs, but I cant resist how adorable the more funny looking chickens are!

If anyone has any advice for me on getting started, where to get the chicks, the coop, or anything else I'm open to all suggestions!
silkies are not known for egg production but, many people keep them as 'silkibators'. they go "broody" often and will hatch eggs put under them.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Post pics of your set-up in the
Coop & Run section, so we can see what you've got and make suggestions? Breeds wise, from those you listed I'd go for RIR, they are lovely chickens and they lay well, but have a browse through the Breeds section as well and see what else is available that meets your requirements. Also look around the Learning Center, there are some excellent articles with good info for beginners and more experienced chicken keepers. Enjoy the site!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

RIR's are great layers, but may be more aggressive if confined to small areas, and can be bullies with other smaller, less assertive birds. Google the Henderson chicken chart for a good resource on breed characteristics.

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