Very poor hatch, could use advice


10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
Started out with a still air little giant, temp 99.5 humidity we though was around 35-40 from day 1-18. Then tried raising it and the highest we could get to was 40. Now I am pretty darn sure the hydrometer is very drastically off. Anyways one chick hatched on day 19, one pipped at 19 and finally hatched today the 23 and then died a few hours later. The one that died was a huge chick, think week old size so I have no idea how it was crammed in a normal size egg. So now we have one active hyper little spash orp, he hatched on day 19. Then one little blue orp that pipped and hatched today in less then a few hours.

The incubator stinks and I mean putrid smelling stink. Ive had two children of my own and had many horses and cats give birth around here, nothing ever smelled like that. I think the chick that die had something possible bacterially wrong because the whole incubator has reeked after it hatched. I didn't want to leave the little blue orp in the incubator to totally dry off because I was worried that if something bacterial had gotten the other that it would get it too. So I put little blue chick in a tupper ware in the brooder (so splash cant peck at the newborn)

Little blue chick has a tiny pea size sack looking thing on his belly/bum, is that a not totally absorbed yolk that I should leave alone and hope it absorbs? Little blue chick was also screaming up a storm till I moved it into the brooder.

Are the rest of the eggs most likely not going to hatch? its day 23, I see no pips and no movement at all. I know for next time I need to find a better hydrometer and make sure its accurate, but what else went wrong?
I don't know much about hatching, but I am familiar with bacteria and infections and I assume your chick was abnormally large and stinky from a bad infection. The infection would have caused swelling. But then again, I know this on a human level, not necessarily with animals or chicks.
sarcasm or not

didnt even mean it but lg sucks experinces talk always get 10% hatch and all bays die fully form i still dont know the answer why it hasnt work right for me
my home made bator works way way better that that one.....
i know with still air the tem its supost to be at 101 at top of the egg because it has no fan but who knows why the poor hatch we get.
im just sooo mad at that incubator that i have kill lots LOTS of babys fully form due to spikes and droops off and not holding humidity. i hate it got to love my home made ..
The pea sized lump is yolk not totally absobed but by the time you read this it has probably gone anyway. How are the other eggs doing? I know what smell you are talking about
There is an egg float test you can do. Put the eggs in warm water and gently lower them in. If they are bobbing and rolling then there is life, I am not sure how it all goes but there is a helpful thread on here with more info on how to do it. Sorry I am newish myself (done 5 incubator hatches) so I can't offer much info except to say don't give up. Pity it sounds like others have had bad experiences with that incubator. Could you bear to open another egg which you are sure is not going to hatch? Do it inside a zip lock bag in case it is bad. You might get a few clues as to what happened. Also, did you candle the eggs? 8 days and 16 days and throw out any which do not have veins because they will make the others go bad (if they go bad in the warmth etc.)
Sorry I can't be more helpful, hopefuly the very experienced guys on here will noticed this and post a more educational response that I!

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