Very red skin under tail

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  1. hennyadams718

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    Jul 18, 2011
    My hen has very red, irritated skin under her vent. I cut the feathers off about ten days ago because they were matted with poop. Her poops are mostly ok - some watery. I noticed yesterday she had more poop stuck to the short feather stubs that are left. I washed her off with warm water but the skin is very red and looks irritated. She is eating very well, acts good and poops are mostly normal. I allow them in the yard during the day and they eat bugs, grass and whatever so sometimes her poops are watery but usually normal. Is there anything I can put on her skin to sooth the irritation?
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    I have standard cochins and they get a matted mess on backside... I just trim feathers away and rinse off with garden hose. Then spray with blu-kote to keep the flies from laying eggs on them.

    Maggots are a real threat in summer when chickens get irritated skin the flies will move in and lay their eggs.
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    Check for mites!
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    Jul 18, 2011
    Thank you for the suggesions. My daughter suggested Desitin or A&D. I had A&D so have been applying that once a day and the redness is improved, but not gone. She is laying, eating and otherwise good. Only other concern is that she seems to "sit" often and her tail seems to hang just a tad. She is one of two bantys. They have feathers on their legs and short puffy tails. I don't remember what type they are. I have cedar chips in their house and I dust regularly. No sign of mites.

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