Very scary thing happen before my eyes!!!! so sad!!! Darn Coyote!!!


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This happen about 2 weeks ago I never post it til now but it's a very sad story especially when you only have one banty out of 25 standard breeds. I had a blue cochin and I name her penny she was soo cute and very calm and around 3years old. I got her from one of our feed stores about and hour away from where I live in Gallup New Mexico. I decided I wouldn't get rid of the little lady since she was my only banty and she survive through it all especially with all the bad storms that we been having and not to forget about the harsh winters months. I was hoping she would set but she never did. One evening I came home from running cause I enjoy running. I decided well the sun it still up and the hens are probably stressing because they been in the coop all day long so I decided that I would let them out to free range. I watched my hens run out of their chicken coop and went straight to where all the grass were . I got a bucket of hen scratch and started making my way that way. It was about ten minutes that pass and i was standing there with my running clothes enjoying the view of having chickens in my backyard grazing. All of a sudden!!!!! a coyote jump out ran right next to where i was standing and grabbed my blue banty didn't think otherwise I was spooked and jump so high and yelled. I was in shock and the coyote starting running with my banty in its mouth I was yelling my dogs were no help they basically sat and watched the whole thing. I quickly started yelling and running towards the coyote hearing the voice of my penny screaming out of her mind. It was too fast tooooo determine to have dinner it ran up a hill and I lost it from their I could still here my hen scream and it made me so sad because I couldn't do anything it ran into the woods and there was nothing i could do. I started crying cause she was my best hen and the family were like it was just a hen you can get more. But the thing is yes that's true but you grow a special bond with your girls your hens and they depend on you for food protection, etc and I just lost one in front of my own eyes. The twist up thing was I couldn't hear a thing i didn't hear nothing when the coyote was creeping up on my hens. I was standing right next to her and it didn't seem to be bothered. I call the fish and wildlife they promise me they would set up traps but they haven't yet. Now I know what took my other hens as well because I am missing 3 hens and 1 rooster before I saw what happen in front of me. I thought it was my own dogs at first but they never seen them bothering them. It sad now that I can't trust to leave my chickens to free range anymore and I know they enjoyed every moment being outside. -Lance Baker AZ
WOW! That is so scary and sad. I am sorry for your loss.
That almost happened to me just last week. But I had just finished the dishes and sat down, looked out my window and there he is the big , bad coyote was in the tall grass in the goats paddock sneaking right up on my chickens. I screamed like a wild woman and my dog followed never saw the coyote but I know they are out there. We immediately cut the grass down. I was saving it for the goats. Scared me for sure.
I wish yours had had the happy ending, though.
THey a very determined predators. Good luck and take care
Yes indeed thank you. Yes coyotes are really bad predators especially among the chickens but i have to say dogs are one of the biggest problem as well. Thank you indeed I wish there was a happy ending to it all. Thank you for being sincere and please be careful with your chickens sometimes you never see it happen and all of a sudden they are gone so yes i think cutting down the grass will be the best idea. Thank you again
That really was sad story !

Seems like it's always this way; the most beautiful and lovable one goes first and the ugliest stays....
I don't know what words to use to comfort you....

What kind of dogs you have that they wouldnt sniff and bark on predator?????
My dogs, even when they are on my bed in the house, they can sniff predator from a distant woods;
they bark and jump rightaway and run after it....

Maybe you should get the kind of a dog that will truly guard your flock?
Just a suggestion.
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Oh my gosh, that is terrible. I feel so bad, I can just imagine. I'm sure your heart is broken, especially since you couldn't have stopped it either. I hope the fish and game traps him, so he won't get any more or your babies.
Sorry about you experience.

I don't have much of a problem with coyotes, knock on wood, but I had a huge problem with fox. I lost all my ducks and Guineas, as well as several Bantams and regular sized hens to them. I actually started chasing the fox thru the woods to scare them off. It worked too, and I think I also scared some of the neighbors. Imagine a half dressed, barefoot, crazy old woman waving a shotgun and leading a large funny looking dog (Siberian Husky/Greyhound cross) running through the woods screaming threats and bad things at a petrified fox. That was me. That was spring 2010 and it hasn't been back.

I have a pack of Alaskan Malamutes, 4 of which are penned outside. They keep the coyotes away. The yotes howl out behind the house, the Mals howl back, defending their turf, and the yotes take off.

Dogs like Great Pyrenees work great as livestock protectors, if you want to go that route.

A good, strong electric fence works well, as does a nice big chicken yard made of chain link fence. Thats what I use now to keep flying predators, coons, and other chicken loving critters away. Those kennel panels are strong, easy to put up and you can make large pens for the girls to run around in. You can even add a top to it to keep them from flying out and things from climbing in.
The neighbors are hunting them down. The pack is too big. I can hear them some nights running on the ridge behine the barn. The coyotes have killed off all the bob whites and whipperwills (sp?) also, Got my most beautiful and funny roo, Valentino. I miss that boy. They also got four of my hens last week..It alll happened so quickly..just like you said. I didn't witness the loss...All of them just came up missing.
We have several dogs that patrol the property at night because we thought that's when the predators were roaming..but now we have to worry about broad daylight! They gotten too comfortable with us.
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Yes oh no its not being crazy that's exactly how I felt like I felt like I was running for my life awww my poor banty I still feel sooo bad about her little did she know she was going to become dinner. I never ever had problems with coyotes before and little upset with my dogs since I got them as strays and they needed a home. They are both females dogs so maybe that could be a reason why they are not so aggresive but of course I will take your advice I think its time to get a new dog and a big one toooo. Perhaps I can tie him up near the chicken coop at night and let him loose during the day. I have to build a new run and new fence in area so my ladies can have the space and scratching the ground for fun. I do wish to keep my birds safe and I'm not going to have a coyote come in and dine in on my lovely birds so brand new fence in area here I come and thank you for your kindness and your own experience with your bad neighbor the fox thats tooo bad I can't believe how sneaky the are its sooooo incredible but yet fustrating because they are attacking your birds. Thanks I just have to get a new banty and name her henny not penny see what happens lol. Thanks

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