Very Sick Chicken! Not moving, is breathing, anything I can do???!

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    My son has a 9 month old white leghorn hen that has had a yucky butt for 2 months. We thought it was mites, cleaned and dusted with Sevin, not better. We thought it was diarrhea, antibiotics in her water, not better. Yesterday she was bleeding and it turns out the other chickens were pecking and eating her foot! My son LOVES his "Peeps" and has her wrapped in a towel, in a box next to his bed. She is barely opening her eyes to loud noises, not moving, but is breathing. What can we do? Do we make her comfortable until she dies? Should we try a dropper with water and antibiotic and get her to drink it? Do we put it in her mouth or drop it on her nose (i read that somewhere)? Any help ASAP would be immensely appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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    I would not give any more antibiotics at this time. They could be making her worse off. The hens are pecking at her either because she is low in rank or they know she is not well or they are bored. If she is the weak one, the others will stop her from getting food and water. You need to ovserve your flock to know who is who. She may be weak for lack of food, being to cold( happens with lack of food too) or in a bit of shock form the attacks. I would keep her from the others and try to get her to eat, give her treats, and water with electrolyte solution in it. not to much or she won't drink that either. She may need some B12 vitamins, found in some electrolyte solution also. You may have to take the bully out of the flock for a day to shake up the peaking order or else they will get her again. IF you live in a cold area, the hens need something to do. I give mine parts of a bail of hay in their peen to kick around then throw treats, BOSS into the hay for them to peck at. Half heads of lettuce and caggage gives them some greens and activity.
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    Keep her warm and quiet. Any chance of taking her to a vet?

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