Very sick Golden Laced Wyandotte, 5 months old


6 Years
Jun 29, 2013
Upstate New York
I have a very sick hen. She has had several stools that looks bloody, gelatinous in nature. She's weak, not eating and very thin.
I brought her to a local vet who will see chickens. He's not an expert. He gave me metoclopromide and trimeth-sulfa and wished me luck.
He tested some fecal matter and didn't see worms or anything. She's in very rough shape.
I'm concerned that she might have coccidiosis and that I should be treating my other 6 hens as well. Is there anyway to find out?
Very concerned.
If it were me, I'd treat the whole flock with corrid. It's not going to hurt them if they don't have cocci, but it might save their life if they do !!! Act FAST !!!
Thank you. Should I stop the meds the vet gave me for the sickest one?
She won't drink on her own. Should I squirt some of the corid water in her mouth?
Thank you so much
I would definitely put some corid directly into her mouth. You can give her a few drops every hour or so. Just be careful not to put them too far back in her throat where it could possibly be inhaled into her lungs. As far as the meds. the Vet gave you, I would just go ahead and continue them as directed just in case. Let me know how she does with getting the corid down.
Trimeth sulfa is one of many drugs that can treat coccidiosis. Corid treats all 9 or more of the strains of cocci affecting chickens, so it would be preferable. If you have the liquid Corid use 2 tsp per gallon of water for 5-7 days, and treat all birds.
There isnt any withdrawal period with corid. There's a 10 day withdrawal period using trimeth sulfa. Dont use both corid and trimeth sulfa at the same time, use one or the other.
How is your girl doing so far? Has she eaten anything yet? Have you tried giving her some scrambled eggs? I always thought that sounded kinda weird...feeding eggs to a chicken, yet mine seem to love them! Anyway, you might give them a try. It won't hurt her to have some and it might actually help her thrive. Let us know how she's doing.

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