Very sick hen--is it prolapse?

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    Hi all-
    Over time I know I've seen similar posts, but now I'm in the "please, please help!!!" category where I can't find any of the other posts to help, so sorry for repeating.
    Squawk, my one year old, usually very healthy hen has just developed this large pouch under her vent (not coming out of the vent, but close). It's very soft and she usually lays an egg a day (she may have today, but I'm not sure), but her whole backside is so sore when I touch it that she practically screams. Freaks out over a warm bath. She's been molting for about a week now, but when this developed, all 19 other birds violently went at her, especially this warm lump.
    As far as I can tell, there are no mites or worms. She is very thirsty, and now isolated in our bathtub with drinking water, food and a blanket.
    Can't get a local vet to look at her (apparently all are away for the weekend...we live in a small area)
    Please help!! Pics attached.[​IMG]
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    These swollen pouches can be common in some hens. I have a couple in about 30 of my hens, mostly the black copper marans. I can't say for sure what it is, but there are many threads on here with the same question. It may be a hernia, a cyst, a teratoma, or something else. One person posted that their vet tried to drain it, and it was fat. The intestines are located around this area, so a hernia might make sense. Internal laying could also be a problem. Ascites or fluid in the abdomen can cause the lower belly to become full and tight, but these types of pouches are usually soft. These enlarged areas usually collect droppings, so it needs to be cleaned often. If you find out what it is, let us know. Maybe others will have suggestions, and there are many threads available to read by searching above at the top of the page.
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