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    I'm not sure how to start a thread on here but I have a very sick hand and I've been treating her for almost 2 weeks now her stomach is very hard extended and red her vent is protruded and her breast bone is sticking out I have been soaking her I have been giving her yogurt feeding her syringing fluids to her I don't want her to suffer she does eat some on her own please help
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    I'm really sorry to hear about your hen, remisophy. She sounds very ill, and if she hasn't responded to 2 weeks of supportive care I think she has a very poor prognosis.
    As PD-Riverman suggested, she may have a severe infection of her reproductive tract (salpingitis) or internal tumors. If you can't keep her comfortable, it may be kindest to let her go.
    If you are able, you can perform a necropsy at home to try to determine the cause, or you can take her a diagnostic lab to have that done professionally. The Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at the vet school will do it for $38, and it would be good information to have.
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