Very thick opaque whites

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9 Years
Apr 10, 2012
I was given an Isa Brown hen and she is laying beautiful eggs, but the whites are as thick at the yolk.
When you crack open the egg the white is so thick it almost holds the shape of the egg. If possible I would like a definitive answer as to whether the egg is edible. Archived threads do not seem very clear on this issue.
Thank you
Do you have pictures? It's normal for fresh eggs and healthy hens to have very thick whites.
Are the whites truly opaque or just cloudy? opaque could be a sign of reproductive illness.
If they are just thick whites, they should be fine to eat
Thank you nuthatched for your reply. Not good at the phone photo thing, I still remember my brownie box. The whites are really opaque and hold their shape as though they have their own membrane and encasing the yolk. I think I know why I was given the poor hen. She is happy though and I will keep her with my flock, just wont eat the eggs.

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